Heck of a Rebate Offer, Mr. Sears

The dishwasher we bought from Sears last month came with a $50 mail-in rebate.  I know that most people don’t bother to send in for the rebate (one Consumers’ Union statement I saw said 60% of rebates go unclaimed).  But, I filled in our forms, copied, pasted, and mailed certified with return receipt.  The result?

50-cent check from Sears 
A Sears 50-Cent Check

I called the 800-number and everyone was nice, helpful, and unsurprised.  They promised another check to make up the balance.

It came.

49.50-cent check from Sears

The second check makes us whole, if not happy.

Sears wouldn’t do something like this on purpose, would they?  I mean, everyone would notice the difference between $50 and 50-cents, right?  And, all of the 40% of people who send in rebates are persistent enough to get the full amount, right?

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