Things that Go Right – #2 in a Limited Series

We got the car back from the auto body shop Thursday morning. The shinny new hood opened, closed, and rested in place perfectly. It was ready when promised and the guy that wrote up the order even called me during the day Wednesday to let me know I could pick up the car whenever I wanted.

Matt's Auto Body and AMICA insurance bugs

Matt’s Auto Body isn’t like the cluttered shops I remember.  There was no hemming and hawing about parts availability or wondering if this spring went with that hood assembly. The estimate was done on a computer that suggested parts and gave the estimator diagrams of what might be needed. 

Plus, dealing with Amica, our insurance company, has been hassle-free.  They’ve been quick, friendly, and helpful.  They suggested a couple shops in the city and made sure that we knew we could pick another one we liked best.

When we picked up the car, not only was the hood repaired, but Matt’s had washed and vacuumed our 13-year-old beast.  Nice job!

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  1. fuzzygruf says:

    Yay. Glad it’s all fixed and you didn’t have to deal with car-hell.

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