How Do You Make Homelessness Amusing?

Community Voice Mail logoHomelessness is not a intrinsically funny topic.  In fact, us city dwellers are saturated with homelessness.  We get lots of donation appeals from organizations and we get the personalized appeals (aka begging) about five times a block in our neighborhood business districts.

Community Voice Mail, our friend’s non-profit that is a finalist for’s Nonprofit Innovation Award $1 million matching grant, has found a way to make homelessness personal and understandable.  Their short flash cartoon is entertaining and preach-free.

Please click to see a good way to help homeless people. It’s a cute and entertaining work-safe clip. If you can, please give – give a lot, so that will match your gift.

And, if you like the video and/or the idea of Community Voice Mail, a mention and link in your blog would help.

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