How to Sell A Car?

The new car is comfortable in the garage, but it’s a bit jealous of our old love.  It’s insisting that we sell soon, or it will doubt the sincerity of our relationship.

Anyone have experience with selling a vehicle on Craigslist,, or Kelly Book  Kelly Blue Book online says its private party sale value is $2,820.  So does that mean we ask for $3,000?

The car we’re selling is a 92 Honda Accord EX, with low mileage (138,600), one owner, complete maintenance records which show that we’ve been faithful to the suggested maintenance schedule.  4 door, white A/C, AM/FM/cassette, sun roof, power windows and door locks, tilt wheel, cruise control. Runs well and has been 100% reliable.  Garaged all its life, until two weeks ago.  Because of its age, not wear, it’s developed slow seal/hose leaks. I got tired of having to clean the oil from the garage floor every week before squaredancing, but probably would not have noticed if we didn’t have a garage. The hood is two-year olds because a off-the-back jeep tire dinged the old one when it was parked in the Castro.

92 Honda Accord EX

Post a reply or send email with your wisdom.   It’s been 15 years since we’ve done this… and last time Harlan helped by having a new boyfriend who needed a car.

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