I Voted!

We went to City Hall on Saturday to cast our absentee ballots because redozdachs was leaving Sunday for a three-day business conference in Scottsdale.

Voting was quick and it felt good.  I am sure that there were at least one or two issues which we didn’t cancel out each other’s vote.

Special elections traditionally have a low turn out.

I like the Warren Beatty radio commercial that urges people to vote tomorrow with the line, “You haven’t said ‘no” if you didn’t show.”

Whether you’re saying “Yes” or “No”, please vote.

Don’t make me beg.

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2 Responses to I Voted!

  1. blurkerbear says:

    Voter Boy

    On my way to Trader Joe’s today to buy butter (which, of course I forgot to buy, though I did not come home empty handed) I decided to stop in at City Hall and vote early. I was surprised to find a long line and quite a crowd of eager voters. However, it only took 2 minutes for me to present my application, receive my ballot and find myself a voting station. Far less trouble than going to my polling place usually involves. Now, why do you suppose I forgot the butter considering that it was the motivating factor for today’s expedition?

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