News from the Pack

The Newest Ozdachsredozdachs and I were interviewed by a very skeptical 15-week old this afternoon. 

She’s still skeptical.

So are Syntax, Vector, and Array.

But, she is part of the pack.


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6 Responses to News from the Pack

  1. cjsmith says:

    Oh goodness, she’s gorgeous.

  2. bigjohnsf says:

    It’s quite the pack to run with, but I expect she’ll be up to it.

    She looks beautiful.

  3. dr_scott says:

    Aww! Way too cute…

  4. Anonymous says:

    We miss our sissy, Katrina. Everyone at our house is quiet in case we might be the next to go! EEEEK

  5. guyinsf says:

    Congrats on the new pack member! Jey and I have been discussing that it might be time to get a dog again. We came very close to adopting a mother-daughter pair of Chinese Crested puppies (that looked a lot like this) this past weekend.

    • ozdachs says:

      How cute!

      Right now we’re at the stage that she’s okay being locked in the x-pen in the kitchen… so long as she has a direct line of sight to me.

      The older dogs are being saints. I hope that they’ll become playmate saints before the week is up!

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