Plugging a Friend’s Business

San Franciscoo Criminal Defense AttorneyTim is rebooting his practice after spending about a year dealing with now-resolved health issues.

I’m helping him get more exposure to potential clients.  I’ve updated his website and he’s putting advertisements in the BAR, Bay Guardian, and SF Weekly.  (The graphic for this post will run in the BAR online starting next Thursday.)

Tim’s very bright, energetic, and dedicated to what he does.

The problem, of course, is that none of us want to use Tim’s services. 

Tim’s an excellent criminal defense attorney. 

Now who woke up this morning deciding that they’d improve their life by hiring defense counsel? Not me!

But, if anyone finds themselves needing to be defended, I recommend Tim. 

Tim has a hard-nosed, realistic view of the criminal justice process, and he knows what to do to get the best possible results for his clients. And, he has a child-like love of winning the “game” of criminal justice. 

He also is not afraid of telling clients that they are going to be found guilty — or whatever else they don’t want to hear — when he believes that there is no amount of lawyering that can help them. 

In other words, his a street fighter, but he also knows when spending more time on a case will only run up his bill and not benefit the client.

Finally, if I were ever accused of any criminal act, it would be easy to talk with Tim about the circumstances.  He comes from an impure background himself, and knows stuff happens.  He wouldn’t necessarily want me to tell him that I done it — whatever “it” was. But, he wouldn’t get upset by whatever sketchy things I did to get into my predicament.

Tim has represented people accused of DUI, reckless driving, sex crimes, drug crimes, violence, and murder. He’s won in both state and Federal Courts.

Don’t rush out and slap the next MUNI driver that bypasses your stop just to try out Tim’s services. But if you need a San Francisco criminal defense attorney, call Tim.

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