Prop 8

Prop 8 decision to be announced Tuesday @ 10

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2 Responses to Prop 8

  1. fuzzygruf says:

    I’m getting the idea that most people on LJ and FB are totally apathetic regarding this.

    • ozdachs says:

      These are MY rights we’re talking about, and I definitely interested!

      Geoff released an email blast for the church (from my iPhone while we were driving up I-5) talking about the Interfaith Prayer Service at Grace Cathedral Monday at 7 and then the march from the Unitarian Universalist church to the Supreme Court building at 9:30 Tuesday.

      We have ministers and lay people marching, and our Senior Minister is prepared to be arrested in protest,… if we need to protest.

      Unfortunately, we are out of town until Wednesday night. But, I am still running communications, Twittering, (, and ready to raise consciousness/hell, as best I can.

      I am actively involved in my life. If others are apathetic, maybe they’re waiting for the do-over life they think they’re going to get?

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