Shooting Fish in the Barrel… Marketing Style

Of all my web design/Internet marketing clients, redozdachs‘s San Francisco CPA firm gets the most spam mail and phone calls to the webmaster from firms offering to help them become #1 in Google search results.

It’s disheartening, because when I’ve asked the salespeople on the phone how they found us, they mumble and say something about Google. 


Sterck Kulik O’Neill accounting group inc. is currently #1 in Google searches for “San Francisco CPA”.  That makes them the #1 target for people trying to sell them Search Engine Optimization services.

I just deleted another spam mail from some poor saleswoman offering to help them learn the secrets of appearing at the top of Google results.  Oh well. 

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2 Responses to Shooting Fish in the Barrel… Marketing Style

  1. robinedgar says:

    Secrets? What Secrets?

    Surely there aren’t any *real* secrets to appearing at the top of Google results.

    I thought it was as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. 😉

    Must get around to making that picket sign slogan saying –


    Works quite well for an increasing number of “less than excellent” U*U ministers, even a UUA President or two.

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