Tasty Words

Dear Senator Kerry,

I apologize for my snarky comments about your ability to spark a crowd. I will happily eat them. Yum!

You hit the tone and hit the words this morning at the Obama rally. Thank you!

(It’s not my fault. He was wooden on TV during the 2004 campaign. It wasn’t my imagination, was it??!)

The auditorium was packed and they gave a great send off to the precinct walking volunteers.
Fun, even for interlopers like redozdachs who took the picture above.

A few more pictures.

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2 Responses to Tasty Words

  1. bigredpaul says:

    John Kerry was not wooden at all… The media just edited him to look that way, the same with Al Gore.

    • ozdachs says:

      I’m convinced he has personality after yesterday’s rally!

      However, I don’t think Kerry’s inability to provide a clear answer to policy questions was completely a media creation. He’s a natural wonk, and sometimes sounded confusing rather than knowledgeable.

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