The 2018 Oregon Shakespeare Festival Season Rankings

The Ranking of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2018 Season by Ozdachs the Elder

Three-Way Tie for Best Show of 2018, in alphabetical order:

  1. Manahatta 
  2. Othello 
  3. Henry V 
  4. The Book of Will 
  5. Love’s Labor’s Lost 
  6. The Way the Mountain Moved 
  7. Sense and Sensibility

Not seen, due to smoke cancelation, Romeo and Juliet.

The first four shows are five-star, must-see events. Almost everyone in our group agreed.

#5, Othello, was universally loved by those of us who saw it early in the season. The reviews from mid-season on were mixed. I worry that the cast changed its performance along the way.

#6, Henry V is a good show, worth seeing.

Nos. 7 & 8 are fun nights out. Go see them!

The bottom of the list are both turn-your-tickets-back-in-and-save-yourself bad.

At least according to Ozdachs the Elder.

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