The Sequel

Thanks to woofpup, New Dog has a real name: Sequel.

It is melodic, friendly, and has just the right geek overtones. Stately, with a whiff of nerd.

“Sequel” will be what she’s called around the house.

In the show ring, if she decides to conform to the breed standard, she’ll be known as Lilliput’s Royal Munchkin of Wagsmore. That name reflects her breeders’ kennel name, Lilliput, and her father’s kennel, Wagsmore. It also honors the common relative she had with Audit, Suntura’s Royal Salute. And, finally, the name clues people in that she belongs in the Ozdachs pack.

I have started a photoset for her on Flickr, too.


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4 Responses to The Sequel

  1. billeyler says:

    That’s a good choice…very similar to my “sequence” choice! 😉

  2. bigjohnsf says:

    What a perfect name. She is so lovely, and she looks so mature even though she is very young.

    I did not want to crowd her last night, she seemed very nervous around all those big noisy people, but she also reminded me how much I miss having a dog in my life. I really need to find one after convention.

  3. woofpup says:

    Very cute. I’m glad you liked the name.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Very cute dog. Congratulations. But an even nerdier name than you might think. “Sequel” is a homonym for the usual pronunciation of SQL. Congratulations — its a database!
    — rt

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