There is a God!

… at least one of public parking.

When I came back to the Sutter Stockton garage this afternoon, I was stopped on the way back to my car by a woman asking for help getting out of her space.  She said she was sweating and panicking.  She couldn’t figure out how to extract her vehicle from its space.  The car on one side had parked too close and far back in its stall for her to back out without hitting the car parked in a space behind her.  She couldn’t turn enough to get a good angle because there was a concrete wall a few feet on the other side of her vehicle.

I helped her by telling her how close she was getting to the rear car while she maneuvered back and forth, up and back, in her space.  There wasn’t enough room for her to get out — the concert wall truly was to close on one side and her neighbor vehicle was too close on the other.

She tried many times. She finally got out and looked at the right front side and announced she was stopping. She had severely scraped her front bumper on the wall. Even with effort, she couldn’t get out.

She said she would take a taxi to her next appointment and hope that her neighbors had moved when she returned.

I never pointed out that her V8 Grand Lummox SUV was parked with other full-size cars in spaces boldly marked “Compact Only”.  Well, I did mention that one of the cars, was a Toyota Camry just like mine, and that I always tried to park in full-size spots. But, I never mentioned her SUV. Not out loud, anyway.

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