Time Thieves

Odachs" Facebook profile

Earlier this year I signed up for a Facebook account to read the occasional postings by a cousin living abroad. In the next few days I agreed to friend requests from people who’d found me somehow. Then I forgot about Facebook.

I don’t read my wall or otherwise check the site for weeks at a time.

Today I went back in order to see if I could retrieve some photographs of a friend that he emailed me that posted there and wanted me to use for a publicity project.

Geeze!  There are messages to me from weeks and months ago.  Have I ticked these people off because I didn’t respond?  Do I acquire an obligation to read and write back when I create an account? 

I can feel my circle of friends narrowing as I neglect their comments. 

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2 Responses to Time Thieves

  1. allanh says:

    I just friended you on Facebook to see if you’d respond. 🙂

    Oh. And if you’re concerned about not answering stuff, you can set up your account to email you notifications automatically.

  2. billeyler says:

    There are so many venues for online communication, that I’m amazed if someone takes it personally if one doesn’t respond within milliseconds.

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