Waking Up in Earthquake Country

4.2 earthquake The bedroom windows rattled briefly as if our neighbor’s child was bouncing through their house.

Vector and I woke up, and I wondered if their family was leaving early on a car trip.  There was no more noise, though, and the other four of the pack (redozdachs, Syntax, Audit, and Array) slept through it all.

Nothing out of place in our house.  Maybe single-storey frame construction buildings really have an advantage.

Details on the 4:42 movement from the US Geological Service.

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3 Responses to Waking Up in Earthquake Country

  1. lggriffiths says:

    Our experience was similar. Jens, Mathilde and Jazz (da catz) woke, Piglet (the puppy) and I did not. Then Jens woke me to tell me there was an earthquake.

    Nothing out of place when we got up. We did spend half an hour awake wondering if this was a fore-shock though 🙁

  2. abqdan says:

    Funny how quickly you get used to that feeling when living in the Bay area. The very first one I felt threw me into panic mode; over the years, it became inconsequential. I guess that’s how everyone manages to live in an area they know might disappear at any moment! Now I miss them. No, not really 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:


    Hi Galen,

    See your blog made it. Apparently it is very simple.

    I was already awake reading. I felt the initial what I call a very fast barely felt vibration, buzz, thrum for a few seconds then the jolt occurred.

    Nothing fell in my studio; my building has been earthquake retrofitted. It is a 5 story unreinforced masonry brick building of 37 units and 3 businesses. I live on the 4th floor next to the outside west wall. That’s more info than anyone wanted to know. 🙂

    When an earthquake occurs I always wait and watch and wonder if this is going to be the big one. I went through the 1989 Loma Prieta quake, but that’s another story.


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