Welcome, Earthlings

Blue Bear Seeking Entry into the Denver Convention CenterI felt like the much talked-about visitor from Mars observing local customs during our trip to Denver yesterday.  Instead of traveling 100+ flights as I did in 2000, yesterday’s plane ride was the first for me in 2007. I don’t go to airports often, especially not during mid-week peak business travel times.  So, yesterday’s field trip to the human’s air stations was fascinating anthropological study.

The number of zombies roaming down the halls astounded me.  Way past the security checkpoint these automatons bumbled into each other and into other strangers queued up in the various cost-saving lines.  Mumbling or talking animatedly the whole time, these walking dead existed in a partial parallel universe.  They weren’t really  present in my reality — or maybe it was I who was not in theirs. Their eyes didn’t focus on me or what I saw.  Instead, the senses of these half-humans were overloaded by stimulus from another dimension.

Very odd.  When did the leagues of Blue Tooth communicators take over our nation’s transportation hubs?

Otherwise the flight was uneventful and Denver much prettier than I remember. 

The blue bear in the picture is underneath our hotel window, trying to gain entry into the convention center.

More photos.

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  1. sflonestar says:

    I saw a recent news story about how some people are truly addicted to their cell phones, Treos, Blackberrys, iPods, etc. If their gadgets are taken away, they experience withdrawal-like symptoms, such as depression. I have a friend who is a nice guy, but he cannot stop checking his Treo. He checks it 50 (or more) times in an evening. It’s kind of sad.

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