Green Harlan

Harlan has joined the cult:
Harlan's Prius

He rolled into our driveway yesterday evening with his Silver Pine (light green) Prius hatchback and took us on an environmentally sensitive test drive around Noe Valley and the Castro. 

Very nice car with a comfortable back seat (where else would you put me?). Well made and the dazzling electronic displays of fun information are standard. 

Congratulate him!  (But, if he doesn’t back off from his self-righteous spouting of carbon output information, we are going to have a problem!)

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3 Responses to Green Harlan

  1. At first I thought that “cult” was referring to square dancing, which didn’t make sense when talking about Harlan!

    I love the South Park episode where they lampoon all the self-righteous hybrid drivers, and call the car the “Pious”.

    • ozdachs says:

      “Pious” doesn’t even begin to describe the million-miles-per-gallon speculation that was being offered last night. But, it is still a cool car!

  2. allanh says:

    I’ve already dropped him a note, and suggested as a new owner he might find to be useful. 🙂

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