Welcome to Apex and Zenith

Ozdachs Kennels is proud to announce that the puppies have approved of their adult call names. 
Jill has taken the name Apex.
Janice has taken the name Zenith.

Zenith and Apex


Thank you to all of our friends who helped select these adult names.  They were the top selections in our survey, and Geoffrey and Galen both like how they sound. 

We are especially grateful for all of the write-in names.  They were excellent, and it’s clear that we need to have more dogs so that we can use them all. We deeply considered several of the suggestions, but in the end, the idea of knowing these puppies define dachshund-ness  from A to Z was irresistible.

Finally, we’d like to give a special thanks to “Jean and Bob B. and the boys”  for sending in spectacular  suggestions for the girls’ formal AKC registered names.  We’ll share the registered names when the forms arrive, are filled out, and the ink dries.

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