Day 21 — Inflating the Puppy

Sometimes puppies need inflating…

Geoffrey blows on MUNI until her tongue falls out of her mouth!

Day 21 — Inflating a Puppy

Day 21 -- A Comfortable YawnFortunately, Geoffrey is an expert and can get a puppy so comfortable that her tongue falls out of her mouth! And, that leads to mega-yawns!

MUNI and the pack at home had a stress-free day of sleeping and eating. MUNI was 30.7 oz at breakfast. She acts like she has set a personal goal of two pounds by tomorrow, and she’s been spending the day nursing to meet the target!

Unfortunately, Geoffrey’s Worst Tax Season Ever is continuing, and he worked the entire day.  He arrived back home sometime after 7, and these pictures are from 9:30, right before pack bed time.

No real news on the growth front: steady as she goes.

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