Day 20 — Personality Happens

MUNI is showing her eyes more… well, a little more. She still is crawling around the whelping box making determined moves toward Mother and food without noticing her surroundings too much.

But, here eyes are open more. She doesn’t have much reaction to any human she sees. About the biggest reaction she’ll give is cuddling motions and sucking when we pet her and blow on her face and neck.

Zenith is very good protective mother. So, when we want to weigh and hold MUNI, we have to send Zenith out of the room. Then we weigh and pose.

Geoffrey and MUNI after this morning's weigh in

Day 19 – Personality Happens

When we open the puppy room (aka: the TV Room) door to the kitchen, usually Zenith is right there whining and dancing to come back in and check on her pup. Very cute.

Zenith continues to suggest (strongly) that there be a mid-afternoon snack, and we are obliging. She also is taking a few more minutes of adult time, away from the puppy, when she goes outside. Today she and I sat in the sun in the backyard for five minutes making out before she decided she had to run back and be a mother.

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