Day 23 — Steady as She Goes

Today was a happily unremarkable day.

MUNI gained only .4 oz in the last day. No worries! She looks healthy, and she and Zenith spent most of the day contentedly together in the whelping box.

Geoffrey says that he heard little “Grrr!” noises coming from MUNI when he rubbed her side this morning. We hope that she inherits that gruntle noise of her grandmother.

Zenith has decided straight Science Diet wet puppy food is yummy, and she NEEDS a 2:30 midday feeding. If I try to sneak some kibble into her food, I get met with puzzled tail wagging from Zenith and a look that says she knows that we cannot expect her to eat the dry stuff. I am trainable, and the two cases of canned food arrived from Petco via UPS this evening.

Zenith is also comfortable spending more extended stays away from MUNI. Zenith joined me in the sunny backyard this afternoon.  She relaxed and fell asleep for 5-10 minutes before deciding she needed to go check on her puppy. MUNI didn’t complain of the neglect.

MUNI and Galen before the lay

MUNI and Galen posing with a shirt from the UNFORTUNATES,
another OSF show that came to ACT.

Click a couple times to see a detailed picture.

This evening, the pack also had its longest time without humans since the puppies’ birth. Geoffrey bought tickets to ACT’s version of Sweat, and the canines were on their own from 6 – 10:30. Both the puppy room and the adult kitchen lair were spotless when we returned home… good dogs!


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