Day 24 — First Checkup and First Nail Trimming

Zenith and MUNI almost slept through the night! True, bedtime after¬†Sweat last night was late, around 11. But, the girls didn’t ask for attention until 4:30 this morning. This is a big improvement over the every-two-hour timetable of recent nights. And, Zenith allowed us all to sleep for another hour and didn’t inquire about breakfast until 5:40ish.

 MUNI's First Nail Clipping

Day 24 — MUNI’s First Nail Clipping. Geoffrey is both the nail trimmer and hand model.

But, the main news today was that MUNI got peoplehandled!

First off, Geoffrey put her on the scale to discover that she gained 1.4 ounces in the past day and was at 33.8 oz. This puts her back on the fast-growth track that just yesterday we thought might be slowing.

Then, Geoff did the first nail trim for the girl. He said he trimmed all of the front nails and many/most of the rear ones. It’s a rite of passage.

Geoffrey noticed that MUNI didn’t mind the trimming at all, but she was not a fan of being on her back. Since he was focusing on the trimming, he let slide the “not on my back” squirming. She’ll learn cradling soon enough.

MUNI in Galen's arms

Galen is wearing dachshunds. MUNI in his arms and smooths on the shirt.

After the morning nail trauma, Galen used MUNI as a prop to show off the dachshund shirt sent to him by Patrick. [Click a couple times on this — and all pictures — to see larger versions with more detail.]

The main scheduled event of the day is well baby-checkup with our SF vet, Dr. Jill Chase.

Dr. Chase and her two assistants arrived a bit before noon, and MUNI passed her exam with flying colors. MUNI weighed a couple tenths of an ounce more than she did for Geoffrey early this morning. The vet weigh in validated our home scales and MUNI’s healthy weight gain.

Dr. Chase was embarrassingly complementary about MUNI’s looks and temperament.¬† She did mention repeatedly that MUNI was “enormous” and much better than her mother and aunt were at her age. The world “walrus” was spontaneously uttered by Dr. Chase or one of her tech, too!

Day 24 -- Dr Chase Holds MUNI

Day 24 — Dr. Jill Chase Holds MUNI


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  1. Lauri Mansky says:

    Absolutely adorable!

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