Day 29 — Showing Her Wagsmore Genes

Day 29 -- Showing Her Wagsmore Genes

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Jeffrey King plays Beralde, and Chris Livingston playing Cleante is the young suitor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My only surprise is that anyone expected a different outcome. McCain said what everyone else already knew last week – Congress created the deadline, and Congress can change it. There never was any expectation that this committee would come up with anything. Both sides knew it – it just allowed them both to play to their base and get the completely artificial debt ceiling raised – but not before their little games damaged our credit rating.

    Obama has said he’d veto any changes to the requirement – he won’t. What he’s really hoping is just to get out of the Bush tax cuts in 2013, thereby solving the problem. Only he has to get re-elected for that to happen. Fingers crossed.

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