Day 30 — Staying Ahead of Mom

MUNI first sampled solid food on Day 28, two days ahead of Zenith’s first plunge into a food bowl (according to the photo record). Back in 2013 Zenith was still using her puppy name “Janice”, and wasn’t eager to give up her mother’s milk, but we thought it was time for her to try.

MUNI is similarly hesitant to stop relying on her mother’s milk. She waddled up to the food bowl on her own a couple days ago. But, since then she hasn’t been enthusiastic about solid food.

Today MUNI licked — and maybe chewed — the sides of the saucer. And, she took a few laps of the water-diluted puppy food. But, she really didn’t dine.

Day 30 -- Contemplating Puppy Gruel

Day 30 — Contemplating Puppy Gruel

After licking a few bits of food, MUNI backed up, getting away from the evil saucer. She went back under the towel acting as the roof of the whelping box. There she waiting for Zenith to come with the familiar nourishment.

Small, puppy-steps to maturity today. But, she remains on the weight-gain trajectory. Today she was 41.4 ounces.

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