Day 38 — An Outdoor Adventure

Halloween is beautiful and sunny.

So, MUNI and I had an outdoor adventure. I set up the tripod and used the remote control to come up with several shots where I looked good reflected in MUNI’s beauty. I edited and posted the best shot without waiting for this blog. Sorry!

Day 38 - Galen and MUNI Posing in the Backyard

Day 38 – Posing in the Backyard

Not too much else going on in the pack. The humans were away a lot. So, despite the fine weather, most of the dog day was spent sleeping. Between a  meeting I had at the office and then having to go out and see costumed people before dark, the girls were virtually neglected!

We all did spend time together watching TV after dinner. MUNI fits right in, and snuggles on the bed.

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