Day 56 — The Visitations

What could be more traditional for a Sunday than being At Home to receive visitors. MUNI socialized in a big way today meeting five new friends.

Day 56 --- MUNI and Diane

Day 56 — MUNI and Diane
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Diane and Kathleen drove me home from church and were today’s first visitors. Diane clearly is a dachshund maven, although MUNI enjoy attention from them both.

We talked about showing dogs, and wondered if MUNI is destined to be a show girl. It’s too early to tell, but Geoffrey brought out the grooming table to demonstrate his ring technique. Here’s MUNI’s first attempt at (not) stacking!

Day 56 - First (Non)-Stacking

Day 56 – First (Non)-Stacking

MUNI was exhausted from the hard work and being a gracious host. As soon as Diane and Kathleen left, a nap was required.

Later in the afternoon, I returned from meeting a friend to see another social moment, already in progress.

MUNI and Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern

Day 56 — Two Hanging Out

Our minister and her daughter had come by to see MUNI. I snapped this picture of Vanessa and MUNI, and her daughter caught me with MUNI.

Galen and MUNI

Day 56 — Held Captive by a Dad

Vanessa and her daughter were generous with their socializing time and MUNI got cuddled by a fifth church person when Rohit came to pick up his family.

MUNI and Rohit

Day 56 — Bonding with Rohit

Whew!  What a fun day for the girl!

She was sated with stimulus and enjoyed another afternoon nap.

At dinnertime she weighed in at 4 pounds, 1 ounce. Nice!

An unexpected event occurred at dinner. MUNI and Apex were eating side-by-side and MUNI reached into Apex’s food bowl and started chowing down on Apex’s kibble, leaving her wet puppy food on its plate as second choice. So, she prefers kibble? We have puppy kibble that I’d planned on using for later, but I guess now we’ll bring it up and see.

It’s also clear that MUNI knows no boundaries. Eating food out of the bowl of a big adult dog? Gutsy! (Foolhardy?) We are lucky to have a amiable pack.

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3 Responses to Day 56 — The Visitations

  1. Diane says:

    What a sweet, beautiful puppy she is!

  2. Kathleen says:

    I think your dogs photograph best with redheads but it’s kind of you to offer hair color diversity so MUNI is properly socialized!

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