Day 8 — MUNI is Measuring Up

I’m knocking on wood as I write this. We don’t have a life-threatening crisis in the pack at the moment. Knock, knock!

Zenith and MUNI have been comfortable spending the day together in the whelping box. Zenith will come out and greet the rest of the pack and go out back to do doggie things in the backyard (or not). She’s eaten reasonable a reasonable breakfast and dinner. She makes gruntled noises when you reach in and pet her while she’s nursing.

MUNI is doing her part, too. She’s eating, sleeping, and growing. This morning, a 1/4 day short of her one-week milestone, she weighed in at 12.51 oz. That’s nearly the goal of double her low weight of 6.77 oz last Tuesday. Maybe by 2 this afternoon she’d hit double… I hope so!

Day 8 - An Inch a Day MUNI

Day 8 – An Inch a Day MUNI
Go ahead. Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Our local vet assured me today that if mother and daughter were peaceful, it’d be okay for me to take Paris to get a shot (for yet another UTI). The girls seemed to have no signs of neglect after being on their own for 70-or-so minutes.

MUNI also is doing small amounts of crawling in the box. Over to my stretched-out arm and back over to Mother Zenith.

Normal, happy puppy things… for a welcome change.

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