Day 86 — Let’s Go Outside!

Aurora definitely likes chewing the back yard.

Aurora Tasting the Greenery on the other Side of the Yard, by the Lemon Trees
Aurora Tasting the Greenery on the other Side of the Yard, over by the Lemon Trees

This morning she started out in the middle-back on the side of the lemon trees. She hadn’t thoroughly explored this area before, so I hovered over her to see that she didn’t discover something poisonous or particularly icky.

Fortunately, there was just the normal garden detritus which Aurora thought was yummy!

Soon Aurora returned to the way back where Apex hangs out. Both girls happily munched on stuff. Aurora had her fallen tree to explore and gnaw on and Apex enjoyed one of her many rubbery balls.

Apex in the background and Aurora in the foreground eating their toys in the back yard.
Aurora explores an old fallen tree while Apex munches her favorite ball

Aurora can focus on her exploration/play. She’s very cute when she’s captivated by the smells and tastes.

Aurora chewing a fallen palm.
Aurora in Bliss… Chewing!
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