Day 85 — Monday Visitor Tries to Get Her to Go Down!

Aurora had another visitor today, even though it was a work day!

Aurora’s visitor was confident that with a little encouragement she’d decide that she could go down the stairs and not just run up them.

Aurora and Apex just inside the back door while a visitor holds a treat, trying to tempt Aurora to come down the first stair
Temping Aurora to Come Down the Stairs

He was encouraging and persistent. But, she wasn’t having it. Those steps look too tall going down!

The rest of the pack was bored by all the attention the puppy was getting when she wasn’t even doing a simple thing like walking down the stairs. Here are Apex (yawing) and Zenith (mugging) after Aurora has backed off into the hallway rather than coming down the steps.

The encouragement was warm and Aurora appreciated the attention.

Aurora being held and cuddled by her visitor
<strong>Aurora and Her Visitor Mugging for the Camera<strong><br><br>
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