Trying to Get Comfortable – Day 2 at 1:45 pm

A day for vigilance, or how to act like nervous grandparents.

Our major concern at the moment is that Zenith ate only a breakfast of boiled chicken breast at about 7 and has refused more, refused more with rice, refused more with rice and chicken broth. She also has moments of whining and nervousness, moving the puppies further back in the whelping box, especially if both Geoffrey and I are in the room at the same time.

The puppies seem fine. The girl continues to nap on a nipple and wakes to nurishment. We worry that the boy stays on a nibble only a minute or so before climbing further or wandering around. He is neither whining nor lethargic. But isn’t as a steady sucker as his sister. We bought Esbilac (canine milk replacer) just in case we need to supplement his intake from Zenith.

Zenith's Puppies Together While Mom is Out

Zenith’s Puppies Together While Mom is Out

We have received a lot of advice and suggestions from friends — thank you!

I suspect that Zenith is in some pain, still from yesterday’s surgery. And this is all new and strange!

And, thanks to Geoffrey for his duty in the puppy room. He and Zenith are calmer together than she and I, but I worry about how little Geoffrey has slept.

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3 Responses to Trying to Get Comfortable – Day 2 at 1:45 pm

  1. Sue says:

    The puppies are so cute! Hope Zenith gets better, and Geoff gets some sleep.
    Thanks for the update!

  2. Cindy Young says:

    OMGosh……Soooooo cute! My mom called to let me know the exciting news!! Congrats to momma & you 2. I wish I was closer to love them up a bunch….I hope momma is feeling a little better today. It is a bit odd, that dogs can have surgery & a day or 2 later, it’s like they never had surgery….? Keep the pic comin, they make my heart happy!
    No need to reply to me….lol I’ll catch up on FB. Enjoy this special time!!

  3. Cindy says:

    A C-section may be a routine procedure, but it it’s difficult to recover from. Zenith is likely in pain and would like to be left alone. However, she’s a mommy now and has to be there for her puppies. My advice is to handle the puppies as little as possible and not worry too much about a skipped meal. Karyn Dionne can be a great resource here.
    BTW I think you are doing a great job of being daddies.

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