Day 18 — I am the Walrus!

MUNI continues to grow at a happy pace.  This morning at 7:30 she was up to 26 oz. even.

We have started thinking that instead of a dachshund, we are raising a walrus. Here’s why…

MUNI as a Walrus

Day 18 – I am the Walrus

Meanwhile, we have narrowed Zenith’s puppy food banquet down to just one brand: Hills Science Diet Puppy Food. This has made her stomach calmer. But, she still is demanding attention every few hours day or night. Sometimes she “needs” to go out, but often she’s just looking for adult attention. And, at 2:30 in the afternoon she is looking for an afternoon snack to tide her through the day!


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One Response to Day 18 — I am the Walrus!

  1. Patty Ronney says:

    Oh, so glad! Muni will grow into her tummy, never fear! Zenith is settling down. I am SO glad.

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